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Gay by nature, happy by choice
Okay: Ich bin schwul
Community and religion may not accept homosexuality but a father's love does
Mut gehört dazu
Showing knowledge harvesting care.
Come out! Be yourself
If you listen carefully, you can hear the applause!
When I told my mum I was gay she blamed herself
Welcome to our neighborhood
Come out. Safer sex. Come on
Come join the family
Whakapuakitanga. A group for young Maori men who think they may be gay or bisexual (takataapui)
Come out! Be yourself
Contact! Se retrouver dans la communauté gaie, ça n'a pas besoin d'être un casse-tête!
If it looks good, feels good, why hide it? Asian lesbians - out and proud
Dimanche 19 Septembre. Ils vont sortir du placard... venez en profiter!