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Young, hot, safe!
¡SIDA! ¡SI-DA! ¡Practica el sexo con menor riesgo! [...]
SIDA touche aussi les sourds
Tenue de mise des années 90
safe sex is hot sex
Aids distrugge il suo corpo, ma non il loro amore
Paruru ite maki AIDS. Ko koe okotai rai taku ka inangaro
Sex is good
AIDS leads to the grave
Young, hot, safe!
Sei so lieb!
Schutz aus Liebe
Get it together
How to keep from getting lovesick
How far will you go before you mention condoms? This far? This far? This far? This far?
Safe kiss
Schutz aus Liebe
You can avoid catching HIV by making sure you do not share body fluids
Hommes agissent face au SIDA