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Stopping AIDS is up to us
Vaincre le Sida, il n'en tient qu'à nous. Stopping AIDS is up to us
I'm looking for a great lover - and I'm willing to wait
Drum is sounding a warning. Hear the call. Tell your people about AIDS
For our children's sake…know the facts about AIDS
Respect is healing
Sacred fire. "Let the spirit of life burn within you."
Lah łᶖni cho húle agots'eleh gha tł'a naxek'e gó?ǫ. Stopping AIDS is up to us
Protect yourself, others, and our future: let's join the fight against HIV and AIDS
Honouring Our Children and Familes. 4th BC Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Conference
Grandmother Moon give us strength to stand up and say "I am an Aboriginal woman. I take care of myself"
I am proud to be Aboriginal
Be aware. Get the facts about AIDS and how it can be prevented
No matter what path you walk you should get the HIV antibody test
Don't let AIDS be our culture's second genocide
I am proud to be Aboriginal
AIDS buril?a xa nuwets' exali ?at'e
No condom - no way!
Ce qu'il y a de plus facile dans la brouette japonaise et la toupie enchantee, c'est de mettre un preservatif