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Prêt pour l'
Look who can get AIDS
Équipé pour les jeux? Equipped for the games?
Respect can prevent AIDS
Le Sida tue, la solitude aussi
Schone ferien. Buenas vacaciones...Bonnes vacances
This works the morning after ... this doesn't
Condoms can prevent . .
Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The equal opportunities virus
Donny pays for food and rent and everything so I owe him a lot
Use a helmet to protect your head. Use a condom to protect your life
Agissons maintenant!
Não pise o risco use o preservativo
Rubber is a friend in your pocket. Un condon es un amigo en el bolsillo
For confidential advice you can ring: The National AIDS hotline [...]
Yksin yössä. Kondomi rauhoittaa
He's so cute, I could just die! Tell him to wear a condom
Choose safer sex
AIDS sizi ilgilendirir! Aşk yoluyla bulaşmaz!
Winners always use condoms