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Kissing doesn't kill: Greed and indifference do
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Las familias cambian, las familias crecen = Familes change, families grow
Fiestas sexo + seguro
Wir sind ganz schön stark aber mit Dir noch stärker!
Bath house boy says...Fuck with men?  Fuck with women?  Fuck with condoms. Do it. Safely
Take it off....Put it on
Protegeons-nous... Pas seulement du soleil!
There's safety in rubbers
Welcome to our neighborhood
Denk daran: eine von sechs Schwulen in der Szene is HIV-positiv
«De fleste ulykker skjer i hjemmet»* I faste forhold hvor ingen av partene er smittet, velger noen å la være å bruke kondom ved analt samleie
Hey queer boys, are you ready for the future?
AIDS.  Special information for married couples and bisexual men
Gay Outreach : AID Atlanta
Sida: nous arretons quand?
In that moment of animal desire..
Aimer la vie. Preferer les garçons. Proteger son futur..
Make sure Mr. Right isn't really dead wrong