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Ob Bube, ob Dame - die wichtigste Spielregel: Sicherheit
Sekswijzer persoonlijk advies
Safe sex videoshow [#1] : Kijken naar en praten over veilig vrijen voor homo - en biseksuele mannen
Safer sex
safe sex is hot sex
They used to say masturbation was bad for you. Now it could save your life
Rubbers are bringing men together again
Some of us are in love, some of us are in lust.  All of us fuck with condoms--every time!
Bumsen mit Gummi - geil und safe
Do Choose Enjoy
Sometimes it's hard
Schutz aus Liebe
You won't believe what we like to wear in bed
Bath house boy says . . Top? Bottom? Versatile? Whatever your position, use a latex condom. Do it. safely
Good clean fun
It takes two to have unsafe sex, only one to prevent it
HIV positive or negative. Choose safe sex
He's into safer sex, so why not give him a hand?
Denk na... voor hem en voor jou