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9e Memorial Internacional de la SIDA. Projecte dels noms. Comparteix et teu somni per un dema millor
AIDS: Why do I care? Get involved
Estima els que viuen amb la SIDA
First love? Not quite
Aimer sans peur
Je me preserve hatif
From outlaws to in-laws
The only people get who can't AIDS already have it
Children living in a world with AIDS
Fini la peur et l'ignorance
Works of heart
Being yourself is being cool. Early sex destroys the self. Lets beat HIV/AIDS!
All you need is love and a little bit of rubber
Hard work makes me the real man... Sex can wait! Lets beat HIV/AIDS, STIs and Teenage Pregnancy
Think positive - don't become positive
AIDS Walk '96 Western New York
Love carefully. Preserve your heritage. Know your partner!
We can fly together when we grow together
Pasina kondomu Kwete. Mazuva ano kune AIDS