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Young, hot, safe!
Terrence Higgins Trust
Mi amigo es positivo. Yo le quiero
Ik Vrij Veilig of ik Vrij Niet
Hoy ingat lang
As a kid, it was fun cuddling up to a teddy bear. You know, it still is! Learn from each other
Disfruta vida evita la SIDA. Pròleg D'Àngel Pavlovsky
Sex happens. Use condoms and lube together
Ik vrij veilig of ik vrij niet
Sex is good
Living with everyone's concern
Condom, pour tripper plus longtemps!
Don't put it off.
Höchste Zeit..
Young, hot, safe!
Safe together
We can live. Together. The best defense we have against AIDS is each other
Securisexe 2: Un duo en re mineur/en risques mineurs
Because we want to be together