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When you say yes... say yes to safe sex
Come join the family
Amour d'ete
Let's talk about
He's into safer sex, so why not give him a hand?
Getting things in focus
He can do what he likes so long as he uses a condom
If you think safer sex sounds dull, reading this might change your position
Don't turn away from safer sex
Respecte mon choix, c'est aussi bien pour toi que pour moi
They took the time to talk about safer sex. Will you?
Who am I? I don't think I'm like other guys
If your sex life is unprotected, so too is your relationship
They don't have safer sex just because it's safer
Lovers and others. Celebrating and supporting gay men's relationships
Youth group for African/Caribbean men who have sex with men..
Þau óttast ekki alnæmi. Þau vita hvað hættulaust kynlíf merkir og lifa samkvæmt því