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It's not the end of anything. It's only the beginning. Condoms...because you care
Nós preocupamo-nos...e tu?
Kleines schwules abenteuer ist ohne Gummi nicht geheuer. Kondome schützen!
Safer sex generation
Now I've had a test and know my HIV status, I can get on with my life
Steeds meer mannen weten het
Thanks to antiretroviral therapy we can face life
For any doubtful sexual relationship, use a condom
North Carolinians working together... to stop AIDS
We can live. Together. The best defense we have against AIDS is each other
Conn-dom Nation
Namjali mpenzi wangu hivyo mimi hutumia kondom. I care for my partner, so I use condoms
Ai SIDA no le importa si eres blanco, rojo, negro, amarillo o azul
I you?
He's not immortal. He's just young
Yes... to being gay, to being happy, to safer sex
Think he has a killer smile? You could be dead right
Chroń zdrowie własne I swojej rodziny
Passionnement, a la folie... ...mais sans risque. "Pote chapo..."