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[Condom models]
Não importa com quem
I can't believe we both forgot! The condom. Tom, Dick and Harriet, carry it
Ich mach's mit jedem!
Voici la seule protection efficace contre le SIDA
Yes! Show your love. With care
Barrier protection from LifeStyles Condoms
Après un risque, allez immédiatement aux urgences!
There's more than one way to show you care
Prévenir le SIDA. Un geste d'amour
Aids: Lieber nie Drogen spritzen. Aber wenn schon, dann sauber
...you remember buying the beer, setting the alarm, and getting the condom... ...do you remember using it?
Preservez vous!
Os Orixás nos protegem. . . e eu uso camisinha!
Защита от СПИДа в ваших руках
Fraek Fredag
Beate, Bianca and Babette's glamour checklist
Oui! Libère tes désirs. Protège ton amours