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Prueba. Saber es poder
I can't afford to be sick. Can you?
National World Cup HIV Campaign
Aren't you afraid of AIDS, Larry?
Know your HIV status! ...Do you know your status?
Jijue ujipange!
VIH info soignants... des soignants au service des soignants
Gut zu wissen, gut zu behandeln: HIV
Saps on fer-ho? Prova ràpida del VIH/sífilis. Anònim, gratuït i confidencial
Men who have sex with men. A simple test could save your life
Partir de agora, minha vida é positiva
These babies are healthy
Ready for action
Wapenzi wanaodhamini maisha yao ya usoni huenda pamoja kwa kituo cha VCT kushauriwa na Kupimwa virusi vya HIV
Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases
Il me l'aurait dit s'il etait seropositif. Il me l'aurait dit s'il etait seronegatif
Be positive you are negative
Planning to have a baby? Consider taking an AIDS test.
Das Kinn von Opa. Die Augen von Papa. HIV von Mama
Syphilis. Mieux vaut y voir