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Paul - 40"
Club Trash. Calender 1997
I won't get AIDS, I'm not gay
Most men don't cheat. Do you?
Diskriminierung aidsbetroffener Menschen widerspricht dem Evangelium
Avec les jeunes en campagne contre le SIDA
Slimme Rikken nemen altijd condooms en glijmiddel mee ... ook op vakantie!
17th Annual AIDS Walk New York
AIDS. Educate yourself and live beyond a shadow of a doubt
Mike - 20"
Hoe M/V ben jij?
Conférence: SIDA, Hepatite B, Prevention, Transmission
Let the light of our teachings guide the way to healthy behavior
Don't fuck with a user..
AIDS is not a black and white issue
SIDA ne te concerne pas?
Sex is
528-0854 For more information about HIV/AIDS
Many straight, married, and bisexual men sometimes want to have sex with other men
I really need to talk, but first I need someone I can trust