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Schutz aus Liebe
It takes two to have unsafe sex, only one to prevent it
Young, hot, safe!
Love alone is no protection. Always use a condom
I 1996 ble 36 menn som har sex med menn testet HIV-positive i Norge. [...]
Welcome to Condom Country. Ride Safely
Can you relate? Safer sex in gay relationships, think about it, talk about it
Boy, have I got something for you!!
Keep booth sex ... Safer sex
Some of us are in love, some of us are in lust. Relationships are not immune to HIV
Osos: especie protegida
Zal ik 'em voor u inpakken. . ? Ik vrij veilig of ik vrij niet
¡Hombre! ¡Protégete! - de gay site van SENSOA
Équipé pour les jeux? Equipped for the games?
Do choose enjoy - Fuck with a condom
Sécurisexe. Qu'on se le dise!
Kondomi suojaa AIDS-Tukikeskus. Elä, positiivinen.
Scene de la vie conjugale
Sin condon, you no Juego! Siempre con condon!