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Mulheres tem muito mais jeito para escolher as camisas dos homens
One of these girls is HIV positive. You can't tell by looking
Vom kiffen krieg' ich kein AIDS
Sí! Libera tus deseos, protege tu amor
AIDS is here. Don't get AIDS. Get the facts
Stoppons le SIDA en Polynésie. Pour stopper le SIDA il faut un comportement responsable!
This Clinic is open at the following times:
Umulige opgave
Bedroom Eyes
Moi, j'en mets
[Think about AIDS. It could happen to you.]
If he doesn't have a condom, you just have to take a deep breath and tell him to get one
"My love for my family motivates me to use a condom" - a fixer, injecting drug user
Condomania. Remember if he really cares he wears
It's the healthy way to live. Panther condoms
Latex, the fashion accessory that goes with everything!
Protegete: Usa condon
Le preservatif feminin
Sans preservatif, je dis non!
Master, make we go now! OK... But with condom!