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If you can't keep a condom in your wallet, you can keep it in your pants
Gli uomini... amali! Usa il preservativo. Sesso? Sicuro!
How to avoid AIDS: a few tips
Fantasien ausleben, AIDS riskieren
Even without a word, they knew..
Bons réflexes pour se protéger du VIH/SIDA et des IST
Let's have a baby!
Kör försiktigt i kväll
Have a safe sex summer
Five things to do before you have sex
1. Hubaran, 2. Paliguan, 3. Condoman
Bath house boy says... The abc's of oral sex
Last night, these men slept with each other and a hundred more without knowing it
Sucer or not sucer
Bliib treu Stop AIDS
Se il passato interferisce con la tua relazione:
HIV positive or negative. Choose safe sex
Sex is fun... but stay with one. Anti-AIDS Campaign
An ounce of prevention..