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Charlene! You ready fo' your date yet?
Haben sie ihre lebensversicherung heute dabei?
Just say know
Are you man enough to protect your lover?
This week have sex like you never did before
Your sex partner for life
I'm trying out that new club tonight... ...and you're not going for the music
Protège bien tes bijoux
Oui! Libère tes désirs, Protège ton amours
Sans? Sans moi
Protegete contra el SIDA
Be Wise Condomise!
What do you want? The moment you've been waiting for
Max de protection pour presque pas un rond
Combat readiness. Condom readiness
Good things come in condoms
AIDS can be spread through sex. Use condoms and avoid AIDS
Assicurazione sulla vita a partire da 50 cts
Are you man enough to protect your lover?
Don't open this.  Without wearing this.