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We talk about safe sex, do you?
Can you get AIDS from sharing food?
safe sex is hot sex
Women lovin' women
Acceptance has no terms, no limits, no extremes
Lesbisch-Schwule Woche : ...auch das noch!
From outlaws to in-laws
Getting high n' hot/
Girl meets girl
Ann and Gary. Gary and John. John and Kate. Kate and Ann
Most useful thing in your pants this Mardi Gras
Rigtige kvinder gør hvad de har lyst til. Tag springet - mød andre
From outlaws to in-laws
If it looks good, feels good, why hide it? Asian lesbians - out and proud
Without a condom, any sex is group sex
Escucha, aprende y vive! 1st de Diciembre de 1999/ dia mundial de lucha contra el SIDA
Þau óttast ekki alnæmi. Þau vita hvað hættulaust kynlíf merkir og lifa samkvæmt því
New fit for every hit!
Kissing doesn't kill: Greed and indifference do