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Safer sex. Keep it up!
Prima di dimenticare tutto… ricordati il preservativo
Sikrere sex-horoskop 1997
Wie wunderschön, dass es Dich gibt!
I want it
Face aux IST/SIDA, ne comptez pas sur la chance. Mettez un préservatif
Halua turvallisesti
Mon coeur ne bat que pour toi!
Gardons le réflex, adoptons le latex
J'ai deux amours, je les protège
Sexual safety is a two-way street
Safer sex is hot sex
Leef wild vrij veilig
Mothers can give HIV to their babies. If you are pregnant, get tested
Thought about safe sex lately? Well start thinking…
safe sex is hot sex
Si crees que el SIDA no puede tocarte, te tenemos una noticia
Gay community takes a turn for the better
Sakrare sex ar smart