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There's a simple way to prevent AIDS
Se o seu parceiro(a) injectar estupefacientes, voce esta em risco
This excuse doesn't hold water
AIDS can blow your high
AIDS. Trau keiner fremden Fixe
That bit makes you feel good.... but the shared bit could kill you!
[Yes or no. You can get AIDS virus from:]
If you won't kick an old habit, start a new one
Weniger Risiko beim Spritzen. Safer Use
Don't share needles
Controlling AIDS is up to you
[Don't delude yourself, AIDS is right next to you]
UYAD. Uyuşturucu AIDS'i davet eder. Kulüplerine katılın
Tu t'amuses… Drogues? Alcool? Sécurisexe!
Sharing needles can get you more than high. It can get you AIDS
You can get AIDS. Bad habits die hard!
Answer these questions: have you ever..
Don't inject AIDS
If you inject drugs, here's your best shot