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HIV doesn't affect love
AIDS brings death to family farms. Who is left to do the farming?
Pride is... more than just the last Sunday in June
I am still your son, no matter what..
Families living with AIDS. Hope. Strength. Courage
Let your child be born without AIDS. Be responsible parents. Keep to your sexual partner only
Isang mensahe sa bawa't Pilipino sa Amerika
Disclose your status for strong (family) support
Support people living with HIV. Family care and support improves quality of life for HIV-infected person
United colors of Benetton
AIDS is a disease which can be prevented
Three good reasons for not being out with the boys
Anybody can get AIDS! You can't cure AIDS, you  can only be careful! Use a condom
Dhihirisha hali yako kwa upendo wa jamii
HIV is in your home. HIV is everywhere. Talk about it with your family today
Parents: let's talk about AIDS
Proud Pete says ..
No estas solo = You are not alone
Estoy infectado con el VIH, pero recibo tratamiento medico gratuito..