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52% of all women with AIDS in the U.S. are black. 61% of all babies born with AIDS are Black. Fight Back Fight AIDS
A night off the chart - testing is smart
SIDA: enfrente la realidad = AIDS: face the truth
Si tu pareja se inyecta drogas, tu tambien estas comprometido
Obvykle projevy akutní HIV infekce : podle frekvence vyskytu v procentech
STIs don't know religion!
AIDS: remember me? Night of the HIV/AIDS TV commercials
Style doesn't matter. Protection does
Intimate defense (2)
Femmes représentent une proportion montante de cas de sida
HIV steekt ook hier de kop weer op
Maladies sexuellement transmissibles et SIDA
Kul dhaanho wala jar dhaanho beer tier oony AIDS ni nyaay jaak yatut wala yi wijur maro
10 years on. Keep it up!
Nur hier kann AIDS eine Gefahr sein: Hier nicht:
Vil du vide hvordan AIDS smitter…
VIDAIDS : a linha que separa a vida da morte é tão fina quanto uma agulha
It would take four Vietnam wars to equal the number of Americans who have died from AIDS
Nordine (HIV-): "Veel of weinig virus? Ik vertrouw op het condoom"