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Posithiv sex: let's face it together
When you say yes... say yes to safe sex
Good top takes care of his bottom. . . And himself
Cover your ass
Safer sex at your convenience
Warm wet sexy steamy.  Hard horny easy sleazy
Oral sex! H-H-How safe is it?
Women lovin' women
Oral sex is safer sex
No-one can come right out and say oral sex is safe, but…
Quel suceur  êtes-vous? Apprenez quel risques liés au VIH/Sida et aux IST vous prenez lors de la fellation
Open wide
Girl meets girl
Play safe. Ficken mit Gummi. Blasen ohne abspritzen
Blasen ohne abspritzen. Küssen ist safe. Ficken mit kondom. Safer Sex
More safe sex around the clock, between the sheets, outdoors, for dessert, during close encounters