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Qu'on se le dise!
Équipé pour les jeux? = Equipped for the games?
As worn by all the smartest members
Lees eerst de gebruiks-aanwijzing
Er du kledd for enhver anledning? AIDS overføres ved seksuell kontakt - kondom beskytter
Safe sex!
Et si le prêservatif êtait aussi un aphrodisiaque..
We don't need to scare you anymore…
AIDS Pode ser evitada com o uso correto da camisinha
What should a real Scotsman wear under his kilt?
For guys who are good in bed
There's a human being attached to this - handle him with care!
Avoid AIDS. Condoms help
Are you really man enough?
Plaisir du latex
Don't be silly. Cover that willy
Are you properly dressed for the occasion? AIDS is transmitted by sexual contact - use a condom
Love alone is no protection. Always use a condom
Celebrate! Stop AIDS
Blasen ohne abspritzen. Küssen ist safe. Ficken mit kondom. Safer Sex