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Read my lips
Sono un essere umano ammalato o solo un malato di Aids?
Share your Vision for A Brighter Tomorrow. 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. 19 May 2002
It appears masturbation is causing our government to go blind
Don't take a chance when you have a choice
Government has blood on its hands
"My daughter died of AIDS. And now I have to live with the fact that I never helped her."
Volunteer now!
Dahinter steht Martina, 26, aidskrank. Davor stehen Sie
10 Jahre. Wir brauchen Dich
Peut-on travailler avec une personne séropositive?
Si può accarezzare una persona sieropositiva?
Attention! People with immune systems disorders, PISD
Si può baciare una persona sieropositiva?
Fight against AIDS goes on
Pataki: Save Medicaid!
Voorlopig is een financiele injectie het enige medicijn tegen AIDS
We're winning... Keep it up!
Fight to live. Fight to love. Fight AIDS