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Je ne l'ai pas encore attrapé. Je dois être immunisé
10 points a connaitre sur le SIDA
Si tu l'oublies, t'es gonfle!
If your boyfriend insists on sex without a condom... Maybe it's time for a new boyfriend
Le 5 a 7
I wish I had said no to AIDS. My quick pleasure led to a slow, painful death
My boyfriend gave me AIDS. I was only worried about getting pregnant
Avoid the AIDS ball
Pervy Pea got HIV off somebody but who?
One time won't matter. It mattered. AIDS
Millions d'hommes se croyaient à l'abri du SIDA
If you're one of those people who get  around, remember, so does AIDS
Alcohol is not a safe lubricant
XXL, tous les lundis soirs
You can't get AIDS by
Randy "slipped" when he was high!
Dans le feu de l'action…J'ai pris des risques, il m'est arrivé, un incident. Je peux faire quelque chose? Oui!
I didn't want to look stupid putting a condom on
Sex, drugs, AIDS
Mit dem Feuer spielen, AIDS riskieren