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Facing AIDS with a positive image
Deserves the same care, no matter who this heart holds dear
You can share your body
Le Sida est beau. Cet ete, ptoegez-vous
We didn't think we could get AIDS
If you're dressed to kill, make sure he's not to
AIDS is here. Don't get AIDS. Get the facts
For coming attractions ...protect yourself
Kutunza mayatima wa ukimwi ni wajibu wetu. AIDS orphans is everyone's responsibility
Ready for action!
Se avni nou ki konte! Plezi ka tann. Nou fè abstinans!
World AIDS Campaign 2006. Together towards HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for all
Celebration of Hope!
Tureke Guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Umusore Nyakuri Ni Uganira Na Mugenzi We Ibyerekeranye No Kwirinda SIDA
Bijak Berwaspada! Ketahuilah ABC untuk mengelakkan AIDS
Reconnaissez-vous le visage du SIDA?
How well do you know your partner?
Fashion Cares presents Arcouture
Prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Practice safer sex. Don't be afraid to say no. It's your life, your body!