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Het is moeilijk om te geloven dat iemand waar je van houdt . .
Se avni nou ki konte! Plezi ka tann. Nou fè abstinans!
World AIDS Campaign 2006. Together towards HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care for all
Celebration of Hope!
Choose safer sex
Tureke Guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Umusore Nyakuri Ni Uganira Na Mugenzi We Ibyerekeranye No Kwirinda SIDA
Flesh for fantasy
Anybody can get AIDS. Men can prevent HIV/AIDS
Veilig vrij verhalen
Pense na vida! Evite o SIDA!
Together we can help prevent the spread of AIDS
Should I use a condom with my new partner?
Call now! Talk live!
"Sensual, saludable y mas seguro." Disfrutando del sexo mas seguro. Siempre con condon!
C'est quoi ton signe?
I'm clean!
Stop the AIDS spread. Don't jump from bed to bed
Du bist der grösste. Aber nicht der einzige
Kome zvono zvoni? 46 osoba u Hrvatskoj umrlo je od AIDS-a
Deserves the same care, no matter who these hands caress