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For too many people, this is as safe as sex gets
Haven't you got enough to worry about in bed?
Wer sich einen runter-holen kann, kann auch einen drauf-machen
Cosas buenas de la familia. No se ocultan. Se comparten. Es tiempo de actuar
Wer über Nacht bleibt..
Ensemble. La prevention
The art of AIDS education
Use condom sense
S usmevem S kondomem
Some of us get out of it, some of us don't. All of us fuck with condoms - every time!
Stop and go
If you can't keep it zipped, keep it covered. Condoms are free at your local Public Health Department. No questions, no hassles
Oui, oui... ouiiii!!!!!
Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein
Use one
Condom storage
Uw staat zaak onder hoge bescherming