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YO. Talking about sex. Listen Up
Preocupada? No al sexo, o si a los condones
SIDA . . La enfermedad que afecta a todos por igual
[AIDS can affect anyone]
Think about AIDS. It could happen to you.
Stop AIDS Now
Help stop AIDS. Say no to sex
Ils viennent de se rencontrer. Ils doivent se revoir
Now is the time for my community to take control
What you know about -HIV+ can change your life. Lo que sabes del -VIH+ puede cambiar tu vida
Correct use of condoms protects you from AIDS and other STDs. Don't take chances!
Prevention = abstinence, fidelity, preservatif
Hey! You know what? You can't get AIDS from:
Sex with one person is like having sex with everyone they've had sex with
Condom safety code. Getting the best from your condom
How many people did you say you'd slept with? Bangaki Abantu Osuwaya Nabo Ocansini?
Ob Bube, ob Dame - die wichtigste Spielregel: Sicherheit
A fashion tip from Crissy: "These go with everything!"
No disco end of season party in aid of Cork AIDS Alliance