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Safe sex made simple
En control de tu cuerpo y tu vida. Sé especial tú puedes esperar
Anybody can get AIDS! You can't cure AIDS, you  can only be careful! Use a condom
Sikker sex på plakaten
Pastila de a doua zi.  Nu e nevoie de memorie de elefant ca sa-ti amintesti sa o iei
Proud Pete says ..
Niet leuk? Of juist wel? Zeg of toon het. Want je lijf is van jou.
AIDS. Myth. Fact
Household hints for drug users
Er du kledd for enhver anledning? AIDS overføres ved seksuell kontakt - kondom beskytter
No Clayton! I don't think "safe sex" includes holding your breath while doing it!
Safe sex!
Le latex dans tous les etats
Will she...won't she?   Only if he uses my balloon
Raymond! I don't care what da kids say! Spinach does not cause AIDS!
Charlene! You ready fo' your date yet?
Are you thinking about testing? Things to do, things to think about
L'été favorise les nouvelles rencontres. Protégez-vous.
Dunkle ritter dachte einfach an alles!