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Grand amour depuis déjà deux jours..
Se il passato interferisce con la tua relazione:
Parents: let's talk about AIDS
AIDS - viruset tar ikke ferie!
I love this guy. Te Nohotahi
Ich bin HIV+ Ich schütze mich, achte auf meine Gesundheit und bin Verliebt!
Be happy. Protector condoms
All you need is love
Anche se l'amore e cieco… proteggiti contro l'AIDS. Usa il preservativo
We believe in God
If you really love him..
Celebrating life. Love and respect will help keep us safe. Join in: AIDS awareness week October 3-9, 1994
Hoy ingat lang
Love can prevent AIDS
Are you man enough to protect your lover?
Chaque jour, en France, un bebe nait seropositif..
He loves me. He loves me not
When love is the mood..