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Rettet die liebe. Stoppt AIDS
Ich bin HIV+ Ich schütze mich, achte auf meine Gesundheit und bin Verliebt!
Er liebt mich nicht, er liebt mich...
AIDS. Love your children, teach them the facts
Be happy. Protector condoms
Droit d'aimer
Men størst af alt er kærlighed
I'm serious about love. I use condoms
W dobie AIDS rodzina najwyzsza wartoscia
It could happen to you
Reach out. Show compassion to people living with HIV/AIDS today
If you really love him..
Amour rend aveugle. SIDA: informez-vous, protegez-vous!
Aggiungi un gesto alle parole d'amore
We all need love. No one needs hepatitis B
We believe in God
All you need is love
Being yourself is being cool. Early sex destroys the self. Lets beat HIV/AIDS!
AIDS. Love takes care