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You can share your body
We didn't think we could get AIDS
For coming attractions ...protect yourself
Tureke Guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Umusore Nyakuri Ni Uganira Na Mugenzi We Ibyerekeranye No Kwirinda SIDA
Prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Practice safer sex. Don't be afraid to say no. It's your life, your body!
Pense na vida! Evite o SIDA!
Stop the AIDS spread. Don't jump from bed to bed
Can you spot which person carries HIV?
There are at least 20 reasons to ask. Why can't we talk?
She looks safe .... I can't stop now anyway ..
HIV/AIDS is a problem for everyone. Sex feels better when you know it's safe
Mueleze! Bila salama? "Hata siku moja."
Kia matakite ite maki AIDS. Noo tamou ki toou  tokorua okotai
Dona, estima I gaudeix de forma segura
For 2 years, Maria had shot up just to be with Luis. [...]