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When I found out I had HIV at age 17, I learned that anyone can get it
It's not the death sentence that hurts so much, it's the solitary confinement
Today, people with HIV are doing something most of us didn't think possible
Sabe que se pode morrer de Solidão? Contra a SIDA. Contra a discriminação
Linda maisha ya jamii yako. Jadili nao wazi kuhusu ugonjwa wa ukimwi
When its time to talk..
S'aimer, s'aider, et ne jamais ceder
Gail, a life with AIDS
Relaxed, fun and supportive place to meet. Blackliners at Akairah.
Kunst und Alltag leben mit AIDS. 22 nov 92-31 jan 93
Hand in hand - powern für menschenrechte
How can you still be positive when over a hundred of your friends have died?
Bevor man an AIDS stirbt, muß man damit leben
Hoy día, las personas con SIDA son los hermanos y hermanas de Jesús más indeseados y menos amados. [...]
Quienes vivimos con el SIDA. Tambien tenemos derechos humanos
Only thing that comes between our church and people with AIDS. Welcome
Voyez-vous? Elle vit avec le VIH/SIDA.
I'm HIV Negative…but I'm living with AIDS
In the right hands this can help someone with AIDS
I've got AIDS. But I can still give my children a future