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Qu'est ce pour toi le SIDA?
"My love for my family motivates me to use a condom" - a fixer, injecting drug user
Their son was diagnosed HIV +. Their son went to them for support. Their son was told he wasn't their son anymore
El lo agarro de una aguja para drogas. Se lo paso a ella. Ella se lo paso a su bebe
Unity is strength
Isang mensahe sa bawa't Pilipino sa Amerika
AIDS. It's up to you
Niños también son las víctimas
Children are victims, too
Being informed. . . is the best shield you and your loved ones have in the the fight against HIV/AIDS
I am still your son, no matter what..
Sex is
Compartiendo jeringas es compartiendo SIDA. Piensalo bien
Familias orgullosas = Families with pride
Protegelos: Usa condon. No compartas agujas, o limpialas con cloro
Jangan hilangkan keceriaan keluarga anda karena AIDS
If you want one of these one day, use these today
Have sex with only one faithful partner
AIDS is a disease which can be prevented