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Jis serga AIDS. Jis labai nelaimingas. Paduokime jam ranka!
Let us all support persons living with HIV/AIDS... positive!!
Proud. Men loving men
AIDS is killing thousands of people and is causing suffering to many more
Voyez-vous? Il vit avec le VIH/SIDA. Il est une personne a part entiere avec des besoins, des reves, des ambitions et...Il a les memes droits que vous!
I just want a good time
Friends we are
Don't love your partner to death!
Queer today. Here tomorrow
What do you do when your best friend has AIDS?
Be smart, free your mind... go for, Voluntary Counselling and Testing
Rafiki yangu mwenye UKIMWI bado ni rafiki yangu. My friend with AIDS is still my friend
Faut se parler. On à tant de choses a se dire
Women live strong lives with HIV
Filles entre elles, garçons entre eux
It won't kill you to spend time with a friend who has AIDS
J'ai un collegue seropositif
Ma vie gaie? C'est mes amours, mes amis...Mais c'est d'abord la vie! J'me protège!
HIV is in your home. HIV is everywhere. Talk about it with your family today