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Linda afya yako, mlinde mpenzi wako, linda familia yako. Mwambie penzi wako kuwa una virusi vya UKIMWI. Mlete mpenzi wako katika kliniki ili apimwe kama ana virusi vya UKIMWI
Couple with a lot in common
Kärlek är livet. Lev livet
Jutite knows how to get a man to wear a condom
SIDA. AIDS. Llamenos . . Con confianza
Number One: Quality Condoms from PSI
How to keep from getting lovesick
Lang leve de liefde
If you or someone you care about is HIV positive, the HDAP Program can help
SIDA? Que va, yo uso condon
Dedicate your heart to one love. AIDS is fatal, has no cure, is preventable
SIDA...le risque est évitable. Restons fidèles
Les femmes preferent les hommes qui savent les proteger
Safe sex can be fun
If you have a sexually transmitted disease
Unsere Treue schützt uns beide
Sécurisexe Sourd