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AIDS. A call beyond compassion
Your wife and children need you. Protect your family. Use a condom every time you have sex
I party, I bareback, I'm positive, I'm responsible
Could he be the one?
We've got AIDS too
Don't turn away from safer sex
How many people have to be HIV+ before it affects you?
Kutunza mayatima wa ukimwi ni wajibu wetu. AIDS orphans is everyone's responsibility
AIDS buril?a xa nuwets' exali ?at'e
If he won't use a condom he needs to be told - condoms make sex safer.
Don't wait until morning to see if he respects you
What do you want? The moment you've been waiting for
Derechos para todos, responsabilidades de todos
Verantwortung lässt sich teilen
Nahkíne nekegháré déhzo̜ dúlé eyá łᶖnᶖ hą́une agots'éle. Stopping AIDS is up to us
Stop pointing the finger