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AAAAA! Recent onveilige seks gehad? Pep kan HIV misschien nog stoppen. Als je nu HIV hebt, ben je erg besmettelijk! Lees er alles over op
Take the test. Take control
Just once without a condom. AIDS
If you're even thinking about unprotected sex... I want you to think again
He said we didn't need a condom
SIDA tue encore
Alerte! LGV. Lymphogranulomatose venerienne
Have a nice trip. But be careful of AIDS
Stop worrying about how you won't get AIDS and worry about how you can
AIDS tehlikesi yalnız şu durumlarda olabilir: Şu durumlar tehlıkesızdır:
AIDS... When what is passed destroys your future
Caring can prevent AIDS
Alcohol and drugs affect your judgment
They've been hit. With AIDS, too
Wild thing
A fuck at any cost? I must be worth more than that
Sex without protection? You still have an option: emergency pill. It is not abortive. Free at health centers and emergency rooms. Free information..
Ich mach's mit jedem!
I just want a good time
Le Tour de France