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Life is habit-forming.  Wear a condom. Every time
Indulge! A three hour exploration of healthy eroticism ..
Oral sex is safer sex
Prevenir el SIDA es responsibilidad de ambos
I can relate. Gay men. Relationships. Condoms
Talk test test trust ...together
Just use it
Hoe je wil vrijen, kies je zelf!
Séropo et bien dans sa peau
Don't blow the job. . . use the right tool
Oral sex is safer sex
Here's what guys need to know about having sex with other guys
Prenez pas de chance. Prenez un condom
Husk kondom ved infight
Take action
Sei so lieb!
If you're going to say yes, use a condom
Una eleccion frente al SIDA. Usa tu condon, cuida tu vida