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Sailors. Syndey is high risk area for AIDS
I'm having a great life and now I've had an HIV test I can get on with it
All I wanted was a quick high and a good time
Hockey players reduce risks with protection...sex can be risky too!
Speak to your brothers
Sikker sex læder og gummi
Institut Français Bremen. 3000 scénarios contre un virus. 31 Kurzefilme über AIDS
Heisse tage, heisser sand. Kondom und Gleitgel immer dabei
Nou fe tes la n ap rete fidel. Konsa SIDA pa ka fe nou pe!
Fairness, wellness, fitness: gut zu Dir und Anderen
Our future is in your hands
Mate no SIIDA dooro ga te ga boro di?
Don't open this.  Without wearing this.