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On n'attrape pas le SIDA par les contacts de la vie quotidienne avec des personnes séropositives. [...] Pour se protéger, il faut s'informer!
Zet 'm op
Absolutely fabulous
Briz sa silans koz lo SIDA
Rafiki yangu mwenye UKIMWI bado ni rafiki yangu. My friend with AIDS is still my friend
Faut se parler. On à tant de choses a se dire
Have you talked with your wife about AIDS?
Condomania. Boys will be boys, but men will wear condoms. . . every time
What have you heard about AIDS? Don't guess the answers! Learn the truth about AIDS!
Most people find it difficult to talk about (AIDS)
AIDS is scary, but a zit is real. Right?
AIDS. We are all at risk so... Stay faithful to your partner. Use a condom properly every time.
We talk about safe sex, do you?
Joining hands in the fight against HIV/AIDS
She told her husband she was HIV +. He took it badly. She told her best friends. They took off
AIDS wir sollten darüber sprechen. Denn Offenheit ist die Grundlage für jede Partnerschaft
As a kid, it was fun cuddling up to a teddy bear. You know, it still is! Learn from each other