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AIDS in Europe. The behavioural aspect. European conference on methods and results of psycho-social AIDS-research
Audio Interview, Paula Silvestrone, May 12, 2012
Message to a secret friend… Don't compromise your safety for a secrecy. Get the facts about AIDS…
Life with HIV is hard enough without worrying that someone got it from me
Flash --  HIV Prevention amongst Socially Integrated Intravenous Drug Users
Bath house boy says... The abc's of oral sex
You can not tell an AIDS carrier from looks alone. So do not take chances
Finding out about my HIV status was hard enough
Dans le Nord de l'Ontario, ce vêtement peut vous protéger du virus de la grippe
Se proteger de l'infection a VIH: c'est sur
Si tout ce que vous savez de moi est que j'ai le VIH, vous ne me conaissez pas du tout
Sida: la confiance ne suffit pas
She told her husband she was HIV +. He took it badly. She told her best friends. They took off
HIV doesn't see race, color, age, sex or disability. Only opportunity. AIDS: Face the truth
Sébastien vit avec Jean, séropositif depuis 7 ans
Everybody's doing it [...] Just don't do it. Sex can wait
Πάρε Φόρα Εξετάσου (HIV) αφίσα 1
Artists against AIDS. Schirmherrshaft: Elfi Scho-Antwerpen. Kunstaktionen zum Welt-AIDS-Tag, 01.12.92
Warm wet sexy steamy.  Hard horny easy sleazy