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Ann and Gary. Gary and John. John and Kate. Kate and Ann
Cet été, aimez-vous comme vous le voulez. Avec un préservatif
More safe sex around the clock, between the sheets, outdoors, for dessert, during close encounters
Without a condom, any sex is group sex
Lust auf schwul sein, Lust auf Leben
Slip into something safe on a cold Winnipeg night
Man on man defense
Man on man defense
Þau óttast ekki alnæmi. Þau vita hvað hættulaust kynlíf merkir og lifa samkvæmt því
Bottoms up!
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Fiestas sexo + seguro
Bath house boy says...Fuck with men?  Fuck with women?  Fuck with condoms. Do it. Safely
Take it off....Put it on
There's safety in rubbers
«De fleste ulykker skjer i hjemmet»* I faste forhold hvor ingen av partene er smittet, velger noen å la være å bruke kondom ved analt samleie
In that moment of animal desire..