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Respect yourself - protect yourself from HIV/AIDS. Use a condom every time
Reach Out AIDS Education Foundation:
Tough guys don't wear condoms. They wear gowns
In meiner Phantasie bin ich nicht immer treu. Im Leben immer
K-pote? - Yes we can!
Quando te le togli, meglio che te lo metti
Połączmy Wysiłki W Zapobieganiu Chorobom Wenerycznym I AIDS
Le virus du Sida ne ce transmet pas en tripotant la souris d'une collegue
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Don't go out without your rubbers
Fiestas sexo + seguro
Bath house boy says...Fuck with men?  Fuck with women?  Fuck with condoms. Do it. Safely
Take it off....Put it on
Controlling AIDS is up to you
Condom Helveticus
Only a fool fools around
There's safety in rubbers
Women's AIDS Coalition AIDS Education Media Campaign for Women
En vacances j'oublie tout sauf le préservatif