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Don't wait until morning to see if he respects you
Making it. . . safe!
Be Wise Condomise!
Stop AIDS: Bravo
Quando l'affare è più grosso del previsto
Für Engelchen
Slip into something safe
Póntelo. Pónselo
I won't get AIDS, my boyfriend is faithful
Max de protection pour presque pas un rond
Be on the safe side
Bons réflexes pour se protéger du VIH/SIDA et des IST
Time to act. World AIDS Day 1993
Combat readiness. Condom readiness
SIDA s'attrape a deux et se previent a deux
What The Smart Dressed Man Is Wearing. Condoms. Not just another fashion statement
Without a condom, any sex is group sex
Lust auf schwul sein, Lust auf Leben