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Eu te amo,… Não me desiludas! Protege-te!
Ohne? Ohne mich
Condoms are a girl's best friend
Conversations '90
Safer sex is a package!
Smart girls carry condoms
Condoms: You have a right to insist
I care. Do you? Beige, singer
Smart girls carry condoms
What have you got against a condom?
There are a lot of things worth protecting. One of them is your life. Use condoms every time!
Don't forget your rubbers
Since I got HIV, all I want to do is tell women that love alone won't protect them. Will you protect yourself?
Tal como te proteges del sol. Protegete asi del SIDA:
Combat readiness. Condom readiness
Il parait que c'est galere a mettre
Some of my best friends are called John
Le preservatif feminin
"There was a young couple from Kent, Who spent the weekend in a tent [...]"
There's more than one way to show you care