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Safe sex is coming. .
Anruf genügt!
"J'ai decidé de faire le test du sida. Parce que je ne veux plus prendre de risques, j'ai decidé de faire le test et de me proteger."
528-0854 For more information about HIV/AIDS
I really need to talk, but first I need someone I can trust
Safe sex is coming
Decision IV
Vragen over (on)veilige seks, HIV
I was really pissed, but that's no excuse for the things he did to me
AIDS is in town. Don't pass it on
Derek lost his family to AIDS. One year later, they're still not talking to him
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Le sexe ça me parle
Respekteer hem SAFE Respectez le
[Unknown Title]
Parce que j'ai été en contact avec le VIH
Because I've been exposed to HIV
Respekteer hem Respectez le SAFE