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AIDS is an equal opportunity disease!!!
An ounce of prevention..
If anybody tells my kid about AIDS, it's going to be me!
Celebrate! Stop AIDS
AIDS can be prevented. Learn
AIDS-Hotline annual report, 1991-1992
AIDS geht uns alle an
You can prevent AIDS
Decisión III
Informations SIDA
Thank goodness for latex
It's time I taught him a thing or two about AIDS
Information resources: NCHSTP, National Center for HIV, STD
Need to talk about some private stuff?
Hétero, homo, bi... Le VIH/SIDA touche tous les sexualités!
Après un risque, allez immédiatement aux urgences!
Charlene! You ready fo' your date yet?
Les traitements c'est tous les jours et à vie, avec des effets secondaires graves
This week have sex like you never did before