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I'll get a hard time if he finds out I've got HIV and we didn't use a condom
No way am I going to risk HIV for someone I've just met
A quick thrill isn't worth HIV.
In the park, this bloke cruised me, I said I wasn't interested, but he wouldn't listen
He started fucking me with a condom, but he must've slipped it off
I really should say something about condoms before we go too far
Millions of men thought they wouldn't get AIDS
Si tu l'oublies, t'es gonfle!
If your boyfriend insists on sex without a condom... Maybe it's time for a new boyfriend
Millions d'hommes se croyaient à l'abri du SIDA
I didn't want to look stupid putting a condom on
Just once without a condom. AIDS
A fuck at any cost? I must be worth more than that
In two minds? remember buying the beer, setting the alarm, and getting the condom... you remember using it?
Solamente una vez sin condon. SIDA
Il est beau, il est libre, il est d'accord
He didn't use a condom. AIDS
He can do what he likes so long as he uses a condom
For too many people, this is as safe as sex gets